Think positive thoughts. Smile. Brighten up. Find your happiness. The emphasis to be happy is everywhere.

The pressure to be happy, is actually making people unhappy.

We all desire to feel happiness, but happiness isn’t a state that we can only be in- there is a spectrum of emotions for a reason.  We are so busy chasing happiness, that we are avoiding all our other emotions that help us understand ourselves, grow, and become more content. If we bypass those feelings and just strive for happiness- it’s the same thing as striving for perfection, it’s exhausting and debilitating, making people feel not good enough or happy enough.
It’s okay to not be okay.
Happiness isn’t the appropriate response to everything. Stop pushing other emotions aside, experience them, understand them, express them! All feelings are acceptable. The more you allow all your emotions to exist within you- the more authentic you’ll be, creating more authentic connections & relationships.