You don’t have to all your shit together or all your ducks in a row, before you choose to move forward!

That’s exactly what it is, a choice. You can choose to move forward, or not. You can cross all your T’s and dot all your i’s as best as you possibly can. But, know there will always be more to tweak, more to work on, work through, kinks to get out, ways to sharpen your pencil a bit more.

More. There’s always more. More you could do, ‘should’ do, more.

So it’s a choice. And it’s about knowing when to choose to move forward. To trust yourself, the process & that you’ve got this! And if you don’t totally have it, that you’re aware, humble & brave enough to know when to ask for help. You’ll need it, we all need it at some point. So you need to know when to ask for it, as you move forward.

Spring forward. Honor where you’ve come from, grown from, grown through & where you’re going to be 🔜

There’s no such thing as ‘all together’ –that saying in itself is what screws people up from choosing to move forward. Embrace that forward is forward.