Families hit bumps along the way. They never stop changing and developing new relational dynamics.

It’s important to keep the lines of communication open, for the family to adjust, create new ways of relating and continue to grow together.

Families are only as healthy as the whole family system. If one member is suffering- it can have profound effect on everyone within the family system.

Perhaps your family is shifting from the birth of a child, first-time parents, balancing work, relationships, self & family, teenager going to college, divorce impacting relationships, learning to co-parent, blended families and more. Family therapy offers a unique way for everybody to work together to heal, restore & rebuild relationships.  Focusing on the whole family rather than just the ‘problem’ member of the family.

Take the opportunity to sit down, all together, to express your fears, worries, & feelings with the guidance of a therapist to help foster real understanding and connection. All working together, as a team, to help your family navigate through changes to create strong, thriving relationships.

vt-home-page-image-2Families seek therapy for a wide array of challenges such as:

-Mommy & Baby

-Child, Teen, Adolescent

-Sibling Relationships

-Fighting within the family



-Blended Families


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