How will you share baby duties/responsibility?

Who’s going to do what? Diapers, baths, bedtime stories, who gets up in the middle of the night?


-Where do you want to raise a family?

-Family dinners? If so, how often?



-Will there be one?

-Who will be the guardian?

Co-Sleeping: Allowing kids into the bedroom at night.



-What religion

-Importance of religion


-How to handle money

-Values of money and children- toys, clothing, etc.

Who will care for your child

-Will one of you stay at home?

-Baby nurse?

-Will you hire a nanny?

-How much will the in-laws or family be involved?

Support System

-How much help/involvement do you want from your support system?


-Yes? No?

-Formula- supplement?

How strict do you want to be: Kids learn from an early age which parent to ask to get their way.

-How strict were your parents? What did you like/dislike?

-Screen Time, sugary treats, allowance, jobs, camp etc.


-How were you disciplined?

-How do you want to discipline? Time-outs, grounding, take away favorite things, send children to their room, spanking?

-What are red-lines that won’t be tolerated with your child?


-Private vs. Public School


How will you keep your relationship strong?

-Date-Nights? Vacation alone?