Fairy Tales. They always end in marriage.


Finding that perfect mate is aided now by apps that can help us accurately find our perfect half. Making getting married easier. Staying married, happily is much more difficult.


Modern dating & marriages have such a high standard set upon them. It’s easier to get married, but harder to stay married, happily. We are all expecting so much from our partners. We think they should provide the full buffet of satisfaction: intimacy, support, stability, happiness and sexual exhilaration. The moment it’s not up to the task, we unsubscribe. We get bored, and stop tuning in. That’s the challenge modern marriages have to overcome, staying subscribed through the boredom, through the ups and downs.


Although dating, finding our ‘soul mate’ is easier, it’s both harder and less necessary to stay together. The trick is figuring out how to go the distance so you can reap the rich rewards of a long term marriage.


How do you keep loving, even when conditions are not at the highest, best quality?