January is a time for resolutions & setting intentions for the next year. Most New Year’s resolutions focus on losing weight, getting organized, spending less, saving more, staying fit & healthy. The list goes on. Where are the resolutions and goals about your relationship??

Couple’s relationships all too often fall to the bottom of the priority list. That is, until couples notice they have drifted apart, conflict escalates or an affair is discovered.

According to Eli Finkel, “it’s a matter of emotional supply and demand.” We desire our partners to give us emotional support once provided by an entire village. Yet, couples today in this modern world are so over-scheduled that they’re spending less and less time together.

In 2018, I encourage you to increase the supply and try out these ‘love hacks’. What’s a ‘love hack’ you may be asking….Quick fixes to keep your relationships healthy & thriving in the New Year!

1.Touch Your Partner

Touch, hold hands, cuddle up next to one another, hug each other. The energy between bodies releases endorphins and makes you feel more connected & loved. It’s a great, quick,

2. Create daily “love habits”

Love habits are small, daily gestures that help couples feel connected. Kiss each other every morning or every night when you get home. Cuddle every morning or every night before bed for a few minutes. Text each other when you’re coming home. These daily haits become rituals, that you can rely on to feel loved & to give love.

3. Avoid Jumping to Bad Conclusions

When something goes wrong, before jumping to bad conclusions…(he/she is too selfish to care about me), allow yourself time to pause. See the situation from another angle. Work on finding the positive, not the negative. The narrative you place on situations impacts and changes the story you tell yourself about your partner and has profound effect on how you feel towards them and what you believe they feel towards you.

4. Practice Gratitude

Thank each other for things you’re ‘supposed’ to do like doing the laundry, throwing out the trash. This may seem silly & unnecessary at first, but noticing the little things and expressing gratitude can mean a lot. You’ll each begin to feel appreciated & seen by your partner.

Create a weekly gratitude list. Write down the things your partner has done that show you their invested in the relationship. This can lead to you both feeling significantly more committed to one another.

5. Laugh Together

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Whether it’s a funny movie, a comedy show, reminiscing over a funny moment from your past, playing a game, be silly and laugh together!

6. Celebrate Small Victories

When your partner shares their ‘how was your day story’ and what went right in his/her day, get excited about it. Meet them where they are. With enthusiasm. Ask questions, be interested.  Sharing joyful moments, feeling your partner cares about your stories, leads to connection.

Relationships are all unique. No one size fits all, so pick one or a few of these “love hacks” and start seeing how they impact your relationship. You’ll see it doesn’t take much time at all to feel connected.

Happy New Year, and here’s to your relationship!