Change. We are often resistant to change. Why? What makes it so scary? Perhaps it’s because we don’t know what’s around the corner.


If you’re like me, you’re a planner (ahem, hello anxiety). Yup, I’ve got it, you’ve got it, we’ve all got a bit of anxiety. Hence, the coping skill- planning, organizing, overthinking, paying attention to detail. So, when I’m about to make a change in my life, my career, move, end a relationship, commit deeper in a relationship, change my hair, my wardrobe- you can be sure it’s fully planned out, to the best of my ability.


But, there are times, like this weekend- where you get no opportunity to plan, and you have to brace for impact. Bam! That’s what my Friday looked like. I wanted to throw a tantrum, say NO! This wasn’t my plan.


Instead, I chose to embrace change. I put on my big girl pants and looked change straight in the face- and said:

“I see you change, and I’m going to slay the hell out of you. You aren’t going to knock me down. I’m going to show you and myself how freaking amazing I can be.”


I’m not going to pretend that change doesn’t hurt, or is all fun. It’s not. But, at the other end of change is growth. Amazing, mind-expanding growth. The eureka moment where we can look back and say to ourselves, “wow- look at me go!”


So, the next time change is knocking at your door, and your trying to close it. Open it up, look at it, see what it’s asking of you. Try to imagine what could be around the corner. You may not have weeks/months to prepare for it. But sometimes, the over-planning and overthinking gets in our way of just taking a leap of faith in ourselves. Telling ourselves that no matter what’s around the corner- we can handle it, we can deal with the change. You can AND you should!


Embrace Change! You’ll thank yourself later on.