An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what you or your organization does. It’s the WHY. It’s what draws interest, connects and makes others intrigued in you.

With the amount of networking that I do, I’ve had to work on my elevator pitch- because ‘selling myself’ was a strange concept from the beginning. I’m a therapist, I like talking about other people, who they are, where they’re struggling to connect, not about myself! But, in order to keep doing what I love, I have to let people see me too, which means selling myself in my elevator pitch.

I’m a Marriage & Family Therapist and the owner of Verus Therapy- which means real, true & authentic in Latin. I help individuals, couples & families open the line of communication, to hear one another, making the problem the enemy rather than each other. Listening to their stories with them, helping them make sense of their fears, creating space for vulnerability, intimacy, real, authentic connection- with no judgment. Respecting the role, I’m given as a therapist and listener. Connecting with them in their deepest, most painful moments. Helping to find and see a new route together, whether single, coupled, married, divorced- relationships are ever-changing and it’s an honor to help them create new relationships.

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Need help working to know, create & connect with your pitch? Reach out to us. Short them, goal-oriented therapy is a perfect mach.