There are so many shoulds in this world

You should go to college, you should get married, you should have children, you should have amazing

mind-blowing sex, should should should.

With all these ‘shoulds’ in the world, how is there space for us to create our own ways? We are so bogged down by the ‘shoulds’ of the world.

How to declutter the ‘shoulds’

Parenting is hard.

There are so many articles out there about how to discipline, how to cut out defiant behaviors, how to motivate children, how to identify anxiety in children. But what about the essential skills about parenting that are just for you, the parents?

They do indeed have a visceral effect on your kids, but in reality they’re all for you!

Essential parenting skills:








Tell all the other should’s to screw off! You’ve got this under control!