We all want to exude confidence. It’s attractive and makes us feel secure and strong. So, here are some tricks to break through and improve your confidence (or at least fake it till you’ve really got it).


Sit up Straight. According to research, sitting up straight can lead to more confidence in your own thoughts. Plus, sitting with good posture can keep both your self-esteem and mood lifted. Other people also think you look more confident as well. Open up your chest, keep your feet on the floor, and keep your head level.


Did you now they’re contagious? Flashing those pearly whites will make you appear confident and composed. It will also make other people smile back at you, showing you a quick impact.

Create a mantra

Now repeat it over and over to yourself.


Jam Out! Crank up the tunes, create a playlist that’s just for you and your confidence. Music can lead to you feeling more powerful.

Embrace your superstitions

Rock out that jersey or charm bracelet. Science suggests it leads to improved performance and setting bigger goals- all by boosting your self-confidence. Rituals, they’re more important than we give them credit for. More rational than they appear. They can impact your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. So embrace those quirky rituals- they’re boosting your confidence.

Sweat it out

Exercise continues to be one of the best endorphin boosting activities out there. Working out literally releases oxytocin in your brain– it’s the feel good part, that helps reduce stress and improve how we feel about ourselves.


If you can visualize it, you can achieve it! Leads to greater self-assurance because you have already literally seen yourself complete or do what something. Set a specific goal, now visualize yourself achieving it, the more you believe and can see it, leads to greater feelings of self-assurance and preps your brain for a successful outcome. Cool, right?

Try 1 or more of these tools, and see how it impacts your confidence. They’re great to add to your toolbox, and quickly effective in changing your mood and your outlook.