We’ve all heard relationships are hard and take a lot of work. With no instruction manual for how to keep a relationship thriving, it’s easy to get lost, confused, angry and feel like a failure.

Falling in love was easy, staying in love takes work.vt-flower

Are you feeling unfulfilled? Have you read relationship articles and tried to “fix the problem” on your own? Are you tired of having the same fights over and over again? Intimacy isn’t what it used to be? Feeling alone? One or both of you bored? Did you stop dating each other? Are one or both of you being unfaithful? Have you thought about therapy, but keep waiting?

In this modern, fast paced world, it’s easy for couples to struggle to find time for one another. They want quick, instant fixes. Building disconnection, disappointment & resentment. Couples start slipping away from each other, trust gets broken, they feel betrayed, intimacy and desire diminish, constantly fighting about the same issues without resolution.

It’s time to make the problem the enemy rather than each other.

Some issues covered in couples’ therapy:  communication, conflict resolution, money and finances, sex and intimacy, gender roles, in-law struggles, values and traditions, pregnancy and more. Issues that all couples need to be talking about and exploring together.

Don’t wait any longer!

Take the time now, to address and uncover what’s getting in the way of having the loving relationship you desire. Effectively learn how to communicate. Achieve a new marriage within your marriage.


Couples therapy isn’t just for people who want to work to find a better way to be together. For some, it’s about figuring out the right path for you, how to separate peacefully, how to co-parent while going through a divorce.

The ending of a romantic relationship is one of the most painful experiences. Understand your own and your partner’s roles. Find your new identity. Help your family transform and grow. There is a ‘healthy’ way to separate, and together we can do just that!  You can achieve a good divorce. Let’s work together to explore, resolve and empower you to deal with relationship challenges, achieving desired goals.

Couples seek therapy for a wide array of challenges such as:  



-Couples/Marriage Counseling

-Open Relationships





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